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Service Study Of Hearing Aid Acousticians

By on September 16, 2016

Hearing problems can anyone make: So-noise hearing loss the most common occupational diseases in Germany, and 14 percent of young people have, according to the society for the advancement of Good already mild-to-moderate hearing loss to Hear. On the one hand is: are hearing hearing specialist AIDS becoming technically sophisticated and the Design is more diverse, but on the other hand, remains high, the need for advice by specialist staff. This raises the question: What is the hearing care professional advises the customer competently? Where to find Affected a wide range of products? And which of their branches the staff are courteous and friendly? Answers of the German Institute for Service quality, has tested 13 hearing aid acoustics-chains.

In the stores presented the offer proved to be a real weakness in the industry. In many of the stores are only single copies of standard equipment were issued. Part was even waived entirely on a presentation of the goods. Also, special promotions were a rarity. In many stores, hearing AIDS were presented to more hidden than. In over 70 percent of the cases, a price display was missing. To gain a no-obligation Overview of for the customers here are a thing of the impossibility.

Overall, the service quality of the industry, however, was good. There are three hearing aid acoustics companies achieved the quality mark of “very good”, the other ten providers tested scored “good”. Also in the important area of consulting expertise, a good result was achieved. In about three-quarters of the 130 tested stores, the staff answered the customers ‘ questions completely. Overall, it was, however, at least five false statements: the topic of The amount of the Statutory health insurance for the hard of hearing have called the customer the wrong payment amounts.

Among the other Strengths of hearing aid specialists, however, that the consultant for the customer a lot of time, and the content motivated and credible. Was able to convince the scope of additional services: hearing tests, battery and hose replacement, or repair service in all the branches of the Standard included, for example,.

Amplifon (quality assessment of “very good”) as the test winner from the service study “hearing care professionals 2014”. The best offer, the excellent Advisory expertise of the branch staff and customer-friendly add-on services such as, for example, trainings or free home visits to Hear the main reasons for the very positive overall result. The second place was occupied by the child’s hearing AIDS. In terms of expertise in the deliberations on-site (verdict: “very good”) could not a competitor to the child-staff the water. In addition, the stores were clean and well-designed premises. Also in the case of the telephone to make an appointment, the company was. Geers hearing acoustics was positioned on rank three. The employees profiled by their friendliness and willingness to help and your professional responses to customer complaints. In the case of the Advisory competence of the staff reached a good level. The offer, which included the diversity of products, proved to be the second best in the Test.

The German Institute for Service quality chains studied 13 national hearing aid acoustics. Selection criteria were appearance, among other things, a minimum number of 30 branches in Germany, with a unified brand, as well as the sales size. The Basis of the investigation, there were ten hidden test visits in different branches of each chain. In the run-up to also call and appointment were carried out in the agreements and evaluated. Overall, the analysis consisted of 260 test contacts to the company. The focus of the study, in particular, the competence and friendliness of the staff, the available supply, the design and cleanliness of the branches, as well as the Opening and waiting times.